Friday, July 10, 2015

That's How I Roll

If you've ever experienced a sports related injury, you're probably familiar with that sinking feeling after hearing a POP followed by a sharp pain. Your mind races as you consider recovery time and the impact it will have on your physical goals. The stress and frustration from being a very physical person to not even being able to dress yourself can make you feel like a caged animal resulting in hopelessness and depression. 

Cast Affirmations
This is exactly what I've been feeling since my Rollerblading accident resulting in a fracture of both the radial and ulna bones on my right wrist. When it happened I immediately thought about my commitment to riding in next year's AIDS/Lifecycle charity ride and how much time would it take to recover. As the week and numerous appointments with the orthopedist wore on, I became susceptible to depression, anxiety, nightmares, flashbacks to the accident, feeling like I've let my personal trainer down, irritability and low self-esteem.

I came to exercise as a way of moderating depression. Now that I am injured, I not only have to deal with the pain and stress of being injured but I have lost my primary coping strategy. To couple that with a delay in my ALC training, you can imagine what a blow this is.

The good news is that today I decided the pessimism is getting old and boring and I needed something else to go over. So, I started thinking about what I have to be thankful for. What I came to was that I will recover and even with eight weeks in a cast and six weeks of physical therapy (providing no surgery), I still have plenty of time to train like a badass. I have a husband that worked from home this week to help me all the while taking a heap load of my shit and who still loves and supports me. I have a mom whose care and concern showed through the 7,000 miles that separate us. A personal trainer who sent me affirmations every day and came over with some helpful alternative pain management therapy to the vicodin that makes me sick and several others who offered their support and good vibrations.

For me, the psychological part is the first step to recovery and in a few months I'll be back to being awesome!

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